2016 Vaccination Drive

This is your opportunity to sponsor a horse for an entire year... for only $25!  Their vaccinations for a year that is.  The Exceller Fund vaccinates the entire herd every April, and we need your help.  We provide all of our horses with protection against Eastern and Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rabies and West Nile (at a minimum). 

Simply click the "add to cart" button below and let us know how many horses you would like to "sponsor" this year!
It's that easy.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy and happy!


Only the very best for our horses!


GOAL:  45 Doses

DONATED:  4 Doses

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The Exceller Fund | P.O. Box 4237, Lexington, KY 40544 | Last updated:  January 2021

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