Racing Warriors

They have charged out of the gates hundreds of times.
The number of people they have thrilled is countless.
These are the RACING WARRIORS,
Who did their job, sometimes winning, sometimes not,
But always creating the EXCITEMENT of horse racing.

The average Thoroughbred racehorse begins its racing career at the age of 2 and will have approximately twelve lifetime starts.
The majority of horses will be retired by the age of 5.

A Racing Warrior has been able to race year after year. Fifty starts requires a tough horse, let alone seventy five, a hundred…or even (gulp) more. These horses often start at the top of the racing game; but eventually descend to the bottom of the claiming ranks. Some have earned hundreds of thousands, some only a pittance considering how many times they’ve raced. These equine athletes are the unsung heroes of the racing industry, they are the Racing Warriors.

What are the different classifications of horse races?

The Exceller Fund’s

While warriors with more than 100 starts have gone on to new careers, many of these horses will remain as permanent retirees. These horses are often relatively sound when finally leaving the racetrack; but becaus e of their age and “wear and tear” from long racing careers, they are not as appealing to potential adopters. Most have competed at numerous tracks, changing owners and trainers multiple times. Very few of their past connections have any interest in caring for these athletes once they can no longer compete; and many of the organizations working to re-home former racehorses are hesitant to take these warriors because of their limited adoption opportunities.

There are many great organizations out there that are well suited for placing adoptable horses into new careers. However, many of them are not setup to aid permanent retirees or horses that cannot be moved out of their programs within a short period of time; and that is where we come in, as we often have in the past. If we do not physically have space for a permanent retiree, we will continue to network and use all of our resources available to find a proper home. For those that are adoptable, a little more recovery time may be in order prior to placement. We assist other non-profit organizations in caring for these warriors if our support will give that horse the time needed to successfully transition into a new career or placed into a permanent retirement home.

The Exceller Fund believes these Racing Warriors are especially deserving of a proper retirement from racing, yet are often forgotten; and hence, our urge to step-up for them. We believe this is the true niche and the future of The Exceller Fund.

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The Exceller Fund’s

The Exceller Fund accepts donations to the War Chest on behalf of Racing Warriors all over the United States. Funds are restricted for the care of those horses with 50 or more starts in the Exceller Fund program; and also for emergency assistance to approved non-profit organizations aiding a Racing Warrior.

Please join The Exceller Fund’s new Racing Warrior Campaign to see that these horses get the retirement they have EARNED! Contributions to the War Chest can be made by clicking on the donate button below.


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