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Join The Exceller Fund (TEF) in "Providing a Future Beyond the Finish Line" today for as low as only $15 per month!



In 1997 TEF was formed when a small group of racing fans joined together to sponsor two retired Thoroughbred racehorses at a non-profit in Southern California.  Since its inception, TEF has grown into a self-standing program supporting over 50 horses.  Members receive updates on horses and events via email.  Donations are completely tax-deductible. 


Joining The Exceller Fund in "Providing a Future Beyond the Finish Line" for Thoroughbreds once they have finished their racing careers means coming together with many supporters pledging to do their part in making a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals.  Members and supporters of The Exceller Fund range from people working in the Thoroughbred Industry to Thoroughbred Racing fans to those that just simply love horses.  By working together, we are able to accomplish so much more! 


What your generous contribution will go towards: 

*Providing Board and Care for over 50 horses, including our Racing Warriors! 

*Growing our Racing Warrior Campaign to spread awareness about the plight of these unsung heroes of Thoroughbred Racing.

*Funding our adoptable horses in re-training programs.

*Transportation Costs.

*The War Chest to support and aid Racing Warriors with other approved non-profit organizations.



We have all heard the comments saying small amounts don’t make a difference when horses cost so much to care for, so why bother.  When we come together, small donations DO make a BIG difference.  Here is the proof… 

Your Donations at Work:

(Based on annual membership amounts and possible uses only.  All membership donations are put into a general fund for horse care.)

*A $15 monthly membership could pay to de-worm AND vaccinate THREE horses for a year!

*A $20 monthly membership could pay for one horse’s farrier care (trims) for a FULL YEAR!

*A $25 monthly membership could pay for THREE horses to have their dental work done!

*A $50 monthly membership could pay for the care of one of our horses for FOUR months!

*A $75 monthly membership could pay for 3500 pounds of grain for the year!

*A $100 monthly membership could pay for 10 TONS of grass hay for the year!

*A $2500 annual sponsorship will pay for the full care of one of our horses for an entire year!



To get started helping these deserving Thoroughbreds via PayPal, please click HERE to go to our donations page and select the membership level that works best for you.


If you prefer to submit your monthly support by check or credit card, please complete the MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT FORM and mail to:  (Checks should be made payable to The Exceller Fund). 



The Exceller Fund, Inc.

P.O. Box 4237

Lexington, KY  40544



TEF is proud to be an all-volunteer organization with ZERO paid staff and less than 2% in administrative expenses, INCLUDING all credit card fees, postage, insurance, and tax preparation.  We also eliminate the overhead expense of owning our own facility by utilizing various satellite and foster farms across the country.   This means that with The Exceller Fund, not only do MORE of your donated dollars go directly to the horses, but we are also able to aid horses more effectively based on their individual needs.


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