The Exceller Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and your donation is tax-deductible.   The Exceller Fund files a 990 Return which is available from Guidestar at



            Member & Individual Donations



            Non-Individual Donors






            Individual Horse Sponsorships



            Special Income Drives



            Interest Income



Total Revenue




            Horse Care and Board



            Horse Vet and Farrier



            Horse Supplies



            Horse Training



            Horse Transportation



            General & Admin Expenses**



            Special Income Drive Expenses



            Salaries & Other Compensation***



Total Expenses



  Excess (Deficit) for Year


  Fund Balances at Beginning of Year
  Fund Balances at End of Year $77,744

 *Some of TEF's veterinarian, dental and other expense are paid for by caretakers and volunteers, which may not be reflected in the above      expense totals.

 **General & Admin expenses include E-commerce, postage, office, website and necessary expenses required to obtain grants.

***Salaries & other compensation include one paid position of Executive Director, whose duties are allocated among Horse care, Admit and Special Income Drives.




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