Drought Dollars

Fundraising Thermometer

Provided byFundraising Ideas Center

Several of our horses are located in OK, where the drought has been
severe this year. Winter rations have been fed to all of the horses
throughout the season as a result, meaning no summer savings on feed.
To make matters worse, local hay supplies are non-existent. Our horses
easily consume one semi-load of hay per month and with it coming from
over 500 miles away, it is quite costly. A semi of alfalfa that cost
$4,000 last year is now $6,500.

There are also other dilemmas
that come with the heat. Horses are brought in under fans, hoses with
misters are mounted on fences, water tanks are continually filled so the
water is fresh, gallons of fly spray is being used and fly masks are a
must. Stalls also must be cleaned when horses go out for the evening,
despite the 100+ temperatures in the barns to avoid more flies.
Maintaining optimum weight on the “hard keepers” becomes even more of a
challenge as appetites in the heat diminish. The ground is cracked and
dry and hooves are the same. Sore feet are common which means
continually treating several horses instead of an occasional one.

The Exceller Fund will not skimp on feed or care for their horses… But we need your help!