You have all heard the comment from busy people that says, “We have been putting out fires around here all day!”  Well, our foster farm family at Circle E Ranch in Stroud, Oklahoma has literally done just that last weekend.  Gayle England and her family have been battling fires adjoining their ranch in this drought-stricken area of their state. 

In addition to all the daily requirements associated with caring for sixteen of our own Exceller Fund horses, Gayle and her family have had to keep an “extra eye open” for fires that could start at any time.

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, a huge fire was burning and required multiple fire departments to respond.  Even Gayle’s husband, Bill, and grandson, Dustin, who are local volunteer fire fighters assisted with this situation. Gayle was prepared to evacuate pastures next to the fire line but thankfully the crews were able to prevent the fires from moving further into her pastures.

Being the wonderful and thoughtful person that Gayle is, she and a neighbor provided food and water to the firemen.  The Red Cross showed up to support the crews and even the local TV news covered this story on Sunday night.  Hot spots were still being monitored the next day.

The Exceller Fund has many dedicated foster families caring for our precious horses.  Let’s not forget to thank them and support them in their roles as not only “feeders and groomers and medical staff and trainers,” but also care-takers and protectors of our most valued Thoroughbred Warriors.  You can support The Exceller Fund with a donation to the following address: The Exceller Fund, P.O.Box 4237, Lexington, KY 40544.  Each and every financial gift is deeply appreciated as we continue the focus on our horses “Beyond the Finish Line.”