ASPCA OK Hay Bale Out Project

ASPCA OK Hay Bale Out Project

Final Summary


The Exceller Fund is thrilled to have been a part of this very important hay bale out project in Oklahoma as a result of the 2011 drought.

In total, we purchased 48.18 tons of hay, a combination of alfalfa and grass, for a total of $10,374.40 with our awarded $10,000.00 hay bale out grant.   There are nineteen Exceller Fund horses in OK that benefited from this hay over the course of the winter and this bale out allowed us to continue operating close to our anticipated budget.  We did have an emergency hay drive prior to this grant being offered, but the majority of our extra funding did come from this grant.  With the decline in overall donations in 2011, this bale out was much appreciated and needed.

In addition to the Exceller Fund horses helped, we were able to assist the ASPCA in having an impact on sixty horses in the Stroud area at nine different locations.  We distributed 18.85 tons of hay (39.12%) to local horses in need in the community.  Those in need of assistance were referred to us by professionals in the community including veterinarians, as well as by local law enforcement.   We did notify the veterinary offices that this assistance was available from the ASPCA when the hay became available. 

Our volunteer responsible for the distribution of the hay meet many great people over these last couple of months, all doing the best they could by their animals to ensure their continued care despite their current financial struggle.   We are grateful to her for taking the time to organize this project and also deliver most of this hay to its destination as most of these folks were not able to move round bales themselves.

We are hopeful this project will have a positive domino effect going forward as these folks get back on their feet and are able to contribute back into the community down the road.