Texas Chili

Dark Bay or Brown Gelding; Foaled 1998

Roberto Grande - Speedy Dish, by Fast Account

32 Starts, $270,885

Available for: Sponsorship

Texas Chili is a stakes winning, multiple stakes placed grandson of Exceller. 

Chili found himself at a facility where someone contacted us on his behalf as he wasn't the riding horse they had hoped to get.  He found his way there after being removed from a situation where he was being starved.  He joins TEF in July 2010.

He appears to be perfectly sound and healthy at this point aside from the usual racing wear and tear now that his neck issues have been resolved.  (He was unable to carry himself in a normal fashion when he first arrived.)  He is living in Washington State with one of our amazing care providers who makes sure he doesn't want for a thing.

A few updates along the way:

October 2010 - Texas Chili is doing very well and his care provider says he is sound and "moves like a dream".  Under his caretaker’s watchful eye and diligent care, Texas Chili has filled out and his coat is silky smooth and glossy.  He is an affectionate boy who loves attention who loves to cuddle and be fussed over.  Texas Chili is a cribber and has a tendency of destroying things.

October 2012 - Straight from the horse's mouth (or in this case, the caretaker’s...) "Chili has a new girlfriend.  Her registered name is Top Union, but Cathy (her owner) calls her Tallulah.  She is a LOVELY bay mare!  She and Chili took to each other like old friends, ZERO drama, just instant LOVE!  She is kind and sweet and the two of them are always together. 

Chili's self-destructive behavior has pretty much quit - he paces less, is eating better, spending more time out on the pasture, and is cribbing less, although a hanging bucket is still fair game!  I found that out recently.  I hang a bucket from an eye-screw, and he pulled it out of the wall.  I should have known!  But he seems to leave the feed tubs and water tank alone.  Apparently his preference is a hanging bucket, perhaps due to the sound it make when it bangs against the wall?

Anyway, Chili has gained some weight (though his topline isn't great) and his coat is that dark dark brown, almost black.  He is shiny and silky, even though he's putting on his winter jammies.  And he is as cuddly and sweet as always."

December 2015 - Chili has been continuing to battle with his weight, but he is definitely doing his part (eating a lot!) to keep it on.  Despite a couple of medical emergencies like tearing his knees open during the course of a nasty fall and attempting to get into everything he possibly can, he is doing quite well.  Don't worry, "Dr. Destructo" has recovered just fine.  Chili has moved to a new farm with the same care provider and is enjoying his new home very much along with his equine friends.






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Texas Chili

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