The Exceller Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and your donation is tax-deductible.   The Exceller Fund files a 990 Return which is available from Guidestar at

The Exceller Fund has no paid employees.

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Total Horse Care Expenses


            Member & Individual Donations


            Horse Sponsorships


            Non-Individual Donors


            Adoption Fees


            Misc. Other Revenue




            Fund Raising Income


Total Income





            Horse Care/Board Expense


            Horse Transportation


            Horse Vet and Farrier Services


            Horse Supplies and Misc. Expenses


            General and Admin Expenses**


            Fund Raising Expense


Total Expense


Other Income (Interest Income)


Other Expense (Interest Expense)


Net Income


 *Many of TEF's farrier, veterinarian, dental and other misc. horse expenses are paid by caretakers and volunteers.  Therefore, they may not be reflected in the financial statement. 

** The General and Admin Expenses includes E-Commerce & Credit Card Expenses; Office, Postage & Other Expenses and Website Expenses. 

 ***The total income stated above does not include any remaining restricted funds.


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