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Although The Exceller Fund does not focus on sound horses that are easily re-homed, we do have horses within our program that are suitable for a second (or even third) career.  However, safely placing a Thoroughbred into a long term home requires both an evaluation period and most likely, time under saddle prior to the horse being offered for adoption.  Every horse and situation is different, but the majority of our horses will not begin this process for at least six months after coming off of the track. They are given a period of time to adjust and acclimate to their new life.
The Racing Warrior Campaign was introduced in 2011 with the intention of bringing the plight of these special horses to the forefront.  While many of them will not go onto a second career at a performance level due to "wear and tear" from years on the track, many of them still make great riding horses and companions after some much needed time off.  That is not to say that some of them are not able to compete as performance horses in their second career.  Horses like Looney Lionel, a Racing Warrior with 114 starts, is enjoying his time off right now, but will soon go into evaluation and is expected to be completely sound and a wonderful adoption prospect.

All of our horses are started from the ground up when they go for evaluation and training.  We want to have a real understanding of their personality and be able to match them with an appropriate adopter who will give them the best possible future.  We will take any horse back at any time for any reason; however, we strive to get horses placed permanently the first time.  As horses progress in their training, they will be showcased at adoption fairs and schooling shows so people can see just how talented and adaptable these former racehorses really are when given the opportunity.

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