Mystic Illahee

Dark Bay Mare; Foaled 2002 OR

Gold Meridian - Maple Valley, by Fast Forward

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Besides being an absolutely lovely mare, Mystic Illahee is quite the traveler with an out of the ordinary story.  She is from the Northwest, thus her name Mystic Illahee.  Illahee is a Native American word, from the Chinook Tribe, that means land, earth, country, place of rest.  There are several beautiful parks and preserves in the Northwest that have Illahee in their name.
Mystic Illahee only raced three times before ending up at a local auction frequented by kill buyers.  The Exceller Fund was able to purchase her and save her from a grizzly fate.  She was fostered and eventually adopted.  Unfortunately, her adopter ended up being involved in a "scam" and Mystic was illegally sold to a lady in Wyoming as a broodmare. Luckily, The Exceller Fund was able to track her down and once again take possession of her.
She now resides at the Circle E Ranch in Oklahoma that cares for numerous Exceller Fund horses.  Mystic Illahee is 16 hands, sound and gorgeous.  While she is fat and happy just hanging out with her friends, she is a young mare that has an enormous amount of potential perhaps even as a performance horse.  However, she will require training and is only suitable for extremely experienced horsemen/women!  :) 

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Mystic Illahee - Exceller Fund

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