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Texas Chili, a stakes winning grandson of Exceller, didn’t earn his barn name of “Dr. Destructo" for no good reason.   He has a reputation for tearing the barn apart.  Unfortunately, this time, the barn wasn’t his victim...  

Though we do not know exactly how he did it, it is apparent that Chili “augured in” after an unfortunate accident in the paddock.  His caregiver thought he may have been trying to attempt the famous “Risky Business” knee slide in an attempt to impress his girlfriend (Piper) and failed the “slide” part.  Regardless, it is clear that whatever he was up to landed him on his knees and sutures were required.  Although he is not thrilled about his new accommodations for the next two weeks which involve him being away from his best girl, he is going to be just fine.

However, we do need your help!  This shenanigan comes with a high price tag compared to most of his other antics… The emergency vet costs alone were $880.00.  That does not begin taking into consideration the cost of any additional medications he may need… including the possibility of a second round of ulcer treatment once he is over this obstacle.  Chili recently underwent a regimen to treat ulcers; and therefore will be closely monitored during the next two weeks while being administered pain medication.  We also anticipate that he will go through a semi-load of bandaging materials.   During the first two days only the knee required wrapping, but soon the inflammation traveled and a full leg wrap was needed.

We are happy to report that Chili was an excellent patient for the vet; and that this hasn’t altered his personality “too” much… he still insisted on standing with his good leg in a water bucket as his bad knee was wrapped!  Oh, and although he’s not thrilled about having to wear ice packs, his appetite hasn’t diminished either.  Sure, he’s a little cranky, but who can blame him! 

Texas Chili has been enjoying life in retirement with The Exceller Fund since July 2010 when we stepped in to take over his care.  He had previously been removed from a starvation situation, tried as a riding horse and determined to be a retiree.  

Since then he has been enjoying the good life at Vermillion Acres.  We could not be more grateful to his “family” for taking such great care of our troublemaker.  It hasn’t been an easy road for Chili, but he is learning what retirement can and should be all about!



Chili and Piper before the "accident".     


  "The Injury"




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